leah's funny faces

Leah is a funny girl. Recently I have captured some faces that give a peak into her quirky personality. She has a subtle nature about her that sneaks out when she is feeling feisty.

This pucker thing is her newest face. She makes this face when she is in trouble. I'll say her name with a strong, low, serious tone. The next thing I know, she is tilting her head and sticking her lips out as far as they can go. It is really difficult to keep a straight face and follow through with consistency blah, blah, blah.

I call this one her quirky Mona Lisa smile. I wonder what she is thinking.

The girls have always enjoyed bubble baths. Recently we took bubble baths to a new level by using our jacuzzi tub. Once the water/bubbles are above the jets we turn them on and Voila! there are a million trillion bubbles. We got a little carried away...

Everything is great fun until mommy starts laughing at you too much. I think it hurt her feelings. I understand though.... she is just like me. Feisty and sensitive; not an easy combo. Poor baby.


Rose said...

Such stunning blue eyes! What a cutie!

Laurel said...

Very nice pictures - not just the usual "smile at the camera" shots are nice too