crazy hair & big cookies

Last Friday at our weekly playgroup we celebrated Gillian's 2nd birthday. Gilly's mom, Kristin, is the queen of birthday fun. She did a m&m theme for the party. The kids were sent home with a bag o goodies including these amazingly huge m&m cookies on a stick. Melody asked to eat her cookie 1000 times that day. I repeatedly said, "No, you can have it tomorrow...."

The next morning she ran from her room, still half asleep, and said, CAN I HAVE MY COOKIE NOW? Immediately after breakfast the girls sat happily in front of a movie and ate their treats.

Thanks Kristin!


Kristin said...

I'm so glad that they ate them! Gillian mashed her's up and decided she wasn't about to spend the energy to dig out all the M&Ms. Telling her it was a cookie didn't even matter!

Thank you for coming and enjoying the morning!

Laurel said...

Kristin gave me 2 bags for my boys this Tuesday which was an extra special treat for them after Bible study... thanks Kristin!

bekah said...

Kristin, I think my kids (and husband) would have screamed, "Nooooooo," if they saw Gillian destroying her cookie like that. They don't like to waste a good thing.