our biggest news of the year...

We are expecting our third child!

In twelve to eighteen months Chad and I will travel to Ethiopia to adopt a baby boy. When I tell people the news, tears stream down my cheeks. It's embarrassing, but I cannot help it. They are happy, giddy, joyful, bursting, fill-your-heart-with-pounding-love kind of tears.

For a long time (perhaps our whole marriage) international adoption has been on the back burner of our future. We don't know why, but it's always made sense to us. Melody and Leah came unexpectedly and this decision has come about similarly. Despite the constant pace of life, adoption has been knocking on the door of my heart nonstop for the past year. It was almost a nusaince. We both thought we'd adopt later, but the call was strong in me now. I tried to push it away, feeling trapped by its intensity. It would not go away.

One Friday evening in early October Chad and I were sitting outside. The evening was dark. We sat in the orange light of a small bonfire. It was the first time all week we had quality time alone. Suddenly the adoption pang washed over me again. I silently sighed, frustrated and confused. My thought was, "God, why am I so drawn to this if Chad isn't there yet?"

An instant later I said, "What do you think of adoption?" I just threw it out there, not expecting anything really.

He calmly replies, "Actually I've been thinking about adoption all day today and yesterday. Maybe it's time for us to do this."

My eyes widened and I started smiling, a little bit at first and then hugely. (The smile hasn't stopped since.) It was the exact same feeling as seeing the two lines on a positive pregnancy test.

All I could say was, "REALLY!?"

And just like that, we were expecting our third child! For three weeks I researched different agencies. We narrowed it down to Holt, CHSFS, and Gladney. Our final choice was Gladney. I sent in our first paperwork on November 5th.

In the midst of everything with the adoption, we've celebrated birthdays for Leah, Chad and Melody. We also did Thanksgiving and our 8th Anniversary. And next week is Christmas!!!! To say I have been burning the candle at both ends is an understatement. Another factor -- I cannot sleep at night. My mind starts thinking about Africa, then Ethiopia, then the baby. Then I switch gears to where we are in the paperwork process. Then my freelance design deadlines. Then the house, which has fallen into crazy disarray because of everything else. Then I think about Ethiopia and the baby again. The circle is maddening. In all of this, Chad is next to me as still as a boulder, in the deepest stages of sleep.

Now you all know why I haven't had any time for blogging!


Sunny said...

I'm so excited for you guys, that's fantastic!

Amy said...

Hey Rebekah! Congratulations! Thanks for the email and link to your blog... I have been toy our blog before through some random blog link clicking. :)

So happy you are adopting from Ethiopia... So happy you are adopting a BOY... and so happy you are using Gladney (best choice!)

We are in the process again ( I don't know if you know this) and are probably just a few steps in front of you. But since we are requesting a girl... you will probably travel first. :)

Congrats! Yay! Woo! I know the joy you speak of and non stop smile on your face upon officially deciding to adopt! :)`

cjoy said...

I loved reading this even though we've talked about it so much recently...I'm glad you shared!

anna w said...

WOW! Congratulations! I am SO, SO excited for you!!! I love how your adoption story has kind of followed the same lines as your other pregnancies :)

Rose said...

YOu have been BUSY! Blessings to you all as you wait for your new addition to arrive!

Ang said...

That's VERY exciting! I'm happy for you and can't wait to hear more about this journey!

nikki said...

Wonderful! I have such a desire to adopt. Maybe someday. But anyway, I'll definitely be glued to all news you have about this process.

Merry Christmas from the McReynolds!

Karen said...

I'm just so excited for you guys (and praying that 2009 will be the year of your baby coming home!)

sparkz said...

We took a long time to take the plunge into deciding to go for it with our adoption. It's been a huge blessing and source of joy for us. We are now awaiting our court date, and have plastered our son's picture everywhere in our home. Keep on plodding along and best wishes for your 2009!

The Robbins' Nest said...

Hey Bek! I'm checking out your blog via Laura's and I'm THRILLED for you guys and baby #3 on the way! What a blessing. Your girls are adorable! Love, Donna B (R!)