Yesterday morning I woke up feeling terrible. Lightheaded, weak, exhausted, and achy. A sore throat developed as the day wore on. I spent the day trying to take it easy, which is challenging with two little ones. Melody and I napped together while Leah napped in her crib. I love napping with Melody. Her three year old body is so much bigger than the weightless newborn who used to sleep on my chest/tummy in the wee hours of the morning.

Tylenol helped me get through the day.

Last night I was worse, and this morning I thought I had strep throat. My ongoing challenge of deciding if I should go to the doctor or not began. Growing up my mom was the type to wait thing out. We were all pretty healthy so this approach worked well. Once in high school I suffered with the flu for a full seven days before we finally went to the doctor. I had bronchitis. (My first time.) A rumor started at school that "Rebekah Kotter's family doesn't believe in doctors."


Back to today's happenings...

I decided to go to the doctor because it is Friday and I didn't want to suffer with worsening strep throat the the whole weekend. I loaded the girls up and we made the 35 minute drive to Fayetteville. (I could go to Siloam which is closer, but I prefer a Fayetteville group of doctors.) On the way there I responded to Melody's comments with a low, slow voice because I was really weak. I was lamenting the days when Chad was unemployed and able to help out with parental duties during the day.

We did the whole wait-for-the doctor in both waiting rooms thing. They did a strep test. Negative. I have the beginnings of a viral infection caused by allergies. (It makes sense because we spend the first three days of this week outside at the park and farmers market and I was not taking my claritin.)

$93 later we drove home, me still talking in my slow tired voice. Melody and Leah did great and once we got home, we all crashed for naps together. I'm watching the clock for the moment Chad will arrive home after a long two days.


Rose said...

I'm sorry you feel so sick. I have been having a similar thing this past week and it is hard parenting and being sick at the same time plus being pregnant. I will send an email soon.

bekah said...

Rose, you are pregnant!? Congrats friend! This is great news. I'd love to email and catch up with you. Write me soon... :)