mothers day project

Yesterday I made a Mother's Day project for my mom, MIL, grandmas, and aunt. I was excited about showing them off until I saw the horrible photos I took. I apologize for such ugly, blurry, sad photos. I need to make myself read the manual on my newish camera. (Canon Powershot SD750 Elph -- any tips are welcome). I'm new to digital photography and definitely need some lessons.

The project was super fun for me to work on, until I ran out of scrapbooking paper. I made a trip to Walmart and bought a packet of paper to use for Leah's photos. I got home, opened the package of paper, and all my momentum and excitement for the project swirled down the drain. The paper was cheap and boring and Leah's little picture frames look lifeless next to Melody's. I would have made the 30 minute drive to the nearest Hobby Lobby if gas wasn't so expensive.

My friend Kelli came up this craft for Christmas ornaments. Each year I eagerly await her mail to see what Christmas card extraordinaire she has made by hand. Her framed family photo ornament outshines these that I made. She is more of craftsman than me.


Kelli said...

O'm'gosh! Bekah, you are really too hard on yourself! Those look fabulous! I'm so glad that you got to use the idea for Mother's day with girly-pink and polka dots, etc. They are really darling! You totally got the technique down too! You should post some pics of Leah's. I want to see her photo...and I'm sure they look just as fabulous!

I'm going to steal your idea of posting craft projects on my blog. I haven't done this for a while or ever...? Nathan's good at posting about his projects. I would probably be more motivated to justify a craft mess to clean up if I could share my crafts with those who'd appreciate them. :) BTW, Happy Mom's Day, my friend!

bekah said...

Thank you Kelli. If you look closely in the third photo, you can see Leah's frames in background. Part of the problem with her's is also that I used a colored photo. I think you should post a step by step on this craft! It's so economical. (I did use coaster board... just card stock.)

Laurel said...

looks great - I was wondering what I should do for my mom but I'm feeling lazy and unmotivated in most areas of my life right now so we'll see

Rose said...

Just curious what the cost of gas is there? Here it is gone the highest ever up to 1.30 per litre Canadian which is a horrible price for us.
The photos and frames look wonderful!

bekah said...

Rose, our national average for gas right now is around $3.65 a gallon. In Arkansas it's closer to $3.50. It is difficult.