rainy day at home

It has been raining nonstop for at least for 5 hours. I have the windows open enough to hear the water coming down. I am relaxed today. I love days when I'm happy to be at home. More often than not, I desire to be out and about, busy with other people. But occasionally, a couple times a month, I crave home. One these days I enjoy coffee, dim lights, reading, playing with Melody, cooking, and relaxing. I want to cultivate this home-time more. Any ideas how?


Laurel said...

Benji and I have enjoyed the last two days at home as well. I think the times I enjoy home the most is when Benji enjoys home the most. Lately he has been enjoying reading books together, so that can occupy a lot of our time. And I'm thrilled that he's finally showing interest in books - since I love to read, I would like him to too!

Sarah said...

Hi Bekah,
Send me an email; I've got the wrong one for you. Don't know what happened. Check out this sight..