a good sunday

Today was a better day. In fact, it was one of the best days I've had in a long time. It began with church. Lately we have been apathetic and nonchalant about church. Since we moved we haven't been sure about where to go. Today we returned to a place we've visited about five times before. It's a new church with some growing pains, but we agree with everything they stand for and we like the congregation. One thing about the community there is there are a ton of young families. Pregnant women and babies appear on every row. I had a briefl conversation with a friendly acquaintance. She is also in her second pregnancy. When I told her of my emotional state she nodded and affirmed my feelings completely. Maybe this church is a good place for us right now.

After church we drove to one of our standby breakfast places. Melody napped in the car on the way and was happy the entire meal. The coffee, omelet and hash browns hit the spot. Chad and I got along and were relaxed with each other.

After errands to Walmart and a sporting goods store we spent the afternoon working on the front yard. We worked on the house's first landscaping and planted flowers while Melody took a three hour nap. Working together and being outside was good for my soul. Thoughts of the new baby were light hearted and happy.

I am still unsure of everything, but it was refreshing to have a breakthrough day with my little family.


Laurel said...

I think my family is in need of one of those kind of days too - hopefully ours will come soon. :(

Btw, what church did you visit?

Kelli said...

Nathan & I have been trying to reverse the damage from neglect of our yard last year. I love planting flowers and watering, mowing, etc. Can't explain it...it's energizing and peaceful at the same time. Maybe that's a "therapy" place for you guys.