update -- the house & melody

We have a lot going on right now. For one, we're building a house. That in itself is a lot. The house will be ready for interior paint in about a week. We've been busy picking colors, facets, lights, countertops, appliances, tubs, etc, etc, etc. The list is long! Now that I can see the house taking shape, I'm excited. Chad has been excited since before the footings were poured. It was hard for me to invision things until recently. Now I'm excited too.

Chad works for a residential construction company, so he knows about this stuff already. His job involves buying materials and scheduling. Thus, he's in his element when it comes to building our own house. He has scheduled things out to the day; of course there have been bumps and mishaps, but for the most part it has been a successful project. They say the devil is in the details, so we'll see how things pan out in the end. Chad plans on doing the trim himself as well as the cedar siding on the exterior of the house. I fear these two projects will take months. The other day I asked, "Have you estimated how much time your projects are going to take?" His facial expression showed me the answer. No. I try not to nag.

I took Melody to the doctor a couple days ago. She's been acting strange this week. Nights have been rough for 5 days in a row. She was sleeping 10 hour stretches with no problem until this week. It has been hard to be up with her again; it reminds me of the newborn days. I remember those first weeks with awe. How did I do it? I remember taking a 10 minute walk and then returning to the house and sleeping for two solid hours...

But back to the doctor visit... her ears, throat, and breathing checked out fine. At the end of the visit the doctor weighed her. She is 15 pounds / 9 ounces. She has gained only one pound in the past two months. (!) Her rank has slipped to the 5th percentile (from the 15th).

Of course I'm worried. I've talked to many people -- other moms, my mom, Chad, friends. They say nice things to ease my mind.

"You feed her often. She's fine."
"She's just petite. It's okay for girls to be little."
"Her motor skills and cognitive development are on track."
"Don't worry about it."

I've been trying to be brave; to not think about it; not let it get to me. But I'm distracted and tired and my mind keeps returning to the issue of her size. I love the way she looks. She has soft, round legs and a little ball tummy. When she's naked I squeal at the sight of her tiny proportions. I'm not alarmed by her appearance. I only worry after we've visited the doctor.

I make ongoing mental lists of high calorie baby food she can eat -- avocado, egg yolk, yogurt, flaxseed oil, banana. She eats all these foods without resisting. However, she only eats a tiny bit of each... maybe a 10th of an avocado or one ounce of yogurt at a time.

We've stopped breastfeeding. For awhile I nursed her at night and in the mornings. Then last week she began refusing. She still cuddles up to me as we lay side by side, in our nursing position. She holds onto my shirt, drawing it close to her face. With her other hand she sucks her fingers. This is the way she falls asleep now. I'm thankful we can still be so close even though she won't nurse. I have mixed feeling on her weaning. Part of me is sad because I planned to nurse until December. I am sad she won't get the nutrition of breastmilk anymore. Another part of me is relieved and happy. I'm feel free! My body belongs to ME again.


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cjoy said...

Are you getting a claw-foot tub??

Ellen said...

Ha ha! You got spammed!

Melody has always been petite. Maybe she just takes after her Aunt Chelsea.

Ellen said...

Hey, I thought about it last night and I hope I wasn't belittling your concerns about Melody's weight. If it bothers you, that is completely understandable. Maybe you might feel better getting a second opinion from Dr. Y?

Laurel said...

I think the fact that Melody is doing all the milestones that she's supposed to do for her age is exactly what doctors look for to make sure babies are doing fine. If you really feel anxious you could always get a second opinion.

Another thing to keep in mind, different countries have different so-called normal baby sizes. My Chinese nephew is considered big, but when my sister-in-law saw Benji she said her son Daniel looked small again. It's all relative...

Hannah. said...

Sorry I'm late writing in here. Ava was just like Melody! I would think she looked healthy, then I'd take her in for a checkup and she'd have only gained a pound or not even that much. I decided to stop worrying about it. I know she is on the small side but oh well, somebody's gotta make up that lower percentile. Looks like it will be Ava and Melody ;) Call me if you want to talk more about it. Melody is such a sweet, cute, laid back baby! I know it's easier said than done not to worry. Ava will once again be facing another doctor's visit in a week or so. I'll let you know how it goes.