rainy day

It is grey, wet, dim & still outside today. The birds are loud, chirping nonstop, asking the sun to come back. Tires make constant noise on the wet roads. I like being at work on days like this. Of course, being curled up on the couch in pj pants with the cat and a book would be better... but I am content. I like my desk window view on rainy days. Nothing is beckoning me to come outside. The empty fields and the pine trees are extra green on days like this. Also, the glare from my computer monitor isn't as strong as usual.

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for two pregnant friends. They are both due in May. One is having a girl; the other a boy. I enjoyed preparing for the shower. I made cupcakes and frosted them pale pink and baby blue. Then I arranged them in a big square in the center of the table; in a checker-board pattern. Surrounding them was usual shower food. Spinach dip (Thanks to Ellen. It was my favorite!), crescent roll puffs, fancy crackers, fruit... you get the picture. Ellen and I bustled around while the girls opened their piles of gifts. Tissue paper mountains and ribbon tangles filled the room as choruses of "ohhhs!" and "ahhhs!" repeatedly sounded. Since most of the attendees work as artists, writers and designers, the wrapping jobs were fabulous. Pokka dots, stripes, patterns and storybook illustrations all in the best baby color palettes imaginable. Target has hit a "bulls eye" when it comes to The American Baby Consumer.

After the gathering the house felt empty. (Chad was long gone. The idea of 15+ women in the living room was enough to get him out of the house before 9:00 on Saturday. Poor man.) I sat down to rest and think. I soaked up the quiet and breathed deep. It felt good. I am happy these days. It feels so good to not be depressed. I know it will probably hit again sooner than later, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the simplicity of feeling stable and content.

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