work is crazy

Things at work are nuts. My computer is down so I'm a nomad in the office, using a different computer each hour. I'm close to tears because of the stress and also thriving on the adrenaline. Weird combo, I know.

I annoyed with myself for writing about something as boring as work, but I'm here 40 hours a week, so it's a huge part of my life. Here are things I like about my job:

1. designing - I'm good at it.
2. friends - I have a handful of awesome girlfriends here.
3. conversing - I love bouncing questions off my coworkers.
4. food - There is always something yummy to eat.
5. prayer - If I'm in crisis I can ask someone to pray for me. (I work at a Christian company.)
6. laughing - Funny things happen often.
7. paycheck - It's not big, but it's something.
8. lunches out - It's usually McDonalds.
9. good bosses - They listen and care.
10.fridays - We have snacks and wear jeans.

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