uganda massacre

Last Saturday there was a massacre in northern Uganda. The LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) attacked a village of 4000 people. Mud homes were burned. People either burned inside the homes or were shot as they fled. The event occurred 100 miles from where Chad and I visited last month. 200 people were killed. I do not understand the politics behind these events. Reading about it is confusing. I want to understand but I can only read articles for a short time before I get consumed with sickness, sadness, and anger. After reading for 20 minutes yesterday I went to the bathroom and sobbed for the people who were killed and hurt. It was different from the tears I shed for myself when I am depressed or emotional. These tears were full of questions and helplessness.

I knew our trip to Africa would change me. Before we left I had a hint of knowledge of the ongoing conflicts that have afflicted the continent for centuries. I embarked on our trip knowing my eyes would be opened. Now that it is happening I am not able to turn away. I want to know more. If nothing else, at least to be aware. It hurts me, but it feels right to learn about their struggles. Maybe somehow I will find a way to help just a little bit.

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