broken car

I am at my husband's office this morning. We left my car in the parking lot last night, for logistical reasons. This morning it would not start. Thankfully two of Chad's coworkers are mechanics on the side. They diagnosed the problem in 10 minutes. They laughed in disbelief as they looked at my poor car's rusty spark plugs. Chad felt dumb. He isn't extremely mechanically inclined but he knows about spark plugs. We should have had them changed multiple times! This explains why my car has had NO power lately. It is an '87 Honda Accord, previously owned by my grandma. Poor little car.

We leave for Thanksgiving this afternoon. We'll spend the long weekend I Illinois with Chad's family. It will be an interesting holiday. His parents are in the midst of a divorce after being married for 27 years. We are hoping the time at home will be one of bonding through the diffucult circumstances. Chad has three younger siblings ranging in age from 17 to 21. We are looking forward to being with them and with his mom.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Used Toyota Supra said...

I think you explain the whole situation very well.I have no point to raise in against of what you have said.

Andre Brennan said...

A car needs regular check-up and maintenance, regardless of how old it is. This should serve as a lesson for you to never miss a chance to make the necessary repairs to your car before the time comes that it’s very inconvenient for you to take your car out on the road. Take good care of your car!

Dewey Setlak said...

“We should have had them changed multiple times!”--- A lot of people realize these only once they're caught in a situation like this. If you really don’t want your car to suffer, you should take good care of it. Give your car the proper care and maintenance it needs. You will also be the one who’ll benefit from it after all. ;)

Michelina Douglass said...

Given how old your car is, you really should give it enough attention, care, and proper maintenance. If you want to stay away from ill-timed inconveniences, take care of your car and regularly have it checked or serviced. Once you feel like something is wrong, don’t think twice and bring it to an auto shop just to be sure.