a new phase

I remember when Melody was born. The first two years after, trying it figure out what kind of mom I was. What bothered me? What did I love? What did I stand for? Who was I?

After awhile it fell into place. I hit a groove. I embraced it. It was easy and good.

The other day I was holding Logan, standing in his room, swaying and humming. He was relaxed against me. We were both soaking each other in. It felt SO GOOD. I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror and I thought, "I know how to do this. I know how to be mama to a baby."

I am at a new cross road as a mom. I have a six year old. School age. What kind of mom am I? What kind of education do I subscribe to? What is important to me? What do I expect? What do I want? I don't know yet. I am waiting; trying to figure it out.


Rose said...

OH, the education of my children is something I am very passionate about...I have lost sleep over it many times...I am also in process figuring it all out. Our eldest is halfway through Grade 1 already and her school experiences have been both positive and negative so far...she is in a small private Christian school.

Angela said...

I remember those seemingly like yesterday thoughts. Now my oldest is 17 and my number two just turned 16 today—my how time flies.

That's one of the reasons I homeschool...just one. When it came time for my son to go to school at 6, I saw how he was just a baby so young. Much to young for me to send him out in the vicious world alone. I'd already been "schooling" him at home and didn't realize it. So I talked to a friend, Elisabeth Elliot, she was my mentor and we began to pray and ultimately my heart knew that God had called me to homeschool. On my own, I thought I was crazy, but it all made perfect sense. Finally I embraced it and never looked back.

I can truly say when the Lord calls you to do something He equips you with everything you need.