ice cream

Every other week Chad and I help teach Mel's class at church. Today I cut out shapes of food items for tomorrow's craft. The lesson is about God's provision during famine, so we are going to glue food items to paper plates. One food item is ice cream cones. Leah liked them so I gave her one to play with. She instantly started licking the paper and saying "Mmmmm."


kristin said...

Yummmmm! The flavor of paper. :)

anna w said...

Aw! Cute! Bridget's just starting to use her imagination. Nothing like that (more along the lines of "feeding" her stuffed animals bits of her food). It's so fun to see!

RoverHaus said...

Fun! Made me hungry just looking at the photos.

Great job!

Rahel and Nati said...

I'm pretty sure that I know you......did you go to JBU? My bro did and I visited him (sometime in the mid 90's......) and I think I stayed with you. Could this be true?