sleep vs thoughts

The baby woke at 3:30am needing a bottle. I took care of her and returned to bed in less than 15 minutes. Despite the short amount of time awake, sleep did not return easily. I tossed and turned for hours. Jumbled thought tumbled around in my head.

the dog needs to go to the vet
what should I add to the stirfry to make it better next time
the spare room needs clean sheets
melodys new demin overalls will bleed onto white/pink clothes
the floors are all dirty
my tire needs to be fixed
email is broken
freelance is undone
babysitter cost too much
do I want a new job
I'm a bad teacher
what should I do with Melody's crazy hair
why can't I finish her room
the bathrooms are dirty
I'll make chinese chicken salad for lunch tomorrow
I don't have all the ingredients
I'll ask ellen to bring the things I don't have
that is rude
I'll go to walmart for the third day in a row
the dog needs to go to the vet

These thoughts sprinted in ciricles until the alarm sounded three hours later. I am exhausted this morning.


Sarah said...

You are definately kin to your "fun" aunt! I miss you and Melody!! I sent your brother a group picture taken at the funeral... When you get your email fixed, send me the address. Love you!

Rose said...

What a mental work-out! I have those too (far too often).

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you pal.
We live this life only once- God flood you with confidence that "He who began a good work will be faithful to carry it on to completion"

may you rest richly in Him and His faithfulness kotter.

Sarah M. said...

i'm laughing because it is 3:15 am, and while i didn't wake up to feed a baby, i did wake up because of a baby, who is already causing me to pee at least 2 times a night. and i'm eating cheerios because once i am awake, i realize that it must have been three days since i have last eaten! wow. this is fun! see you this weekend! maybe we'll share a bowl of cereal at 3 in your living room!

Ellen said...

I'll bring the things you don't have, but I'll probably end up bringing you Rotavirus, also, which I GUARANTEE you don't want. Bleh

And one word for Melody's hair: MOHAWK