addicted to lyle

Does anyone else like Lyle Lovett?

Lately I've been addicted to his music. I've listened to Cowboy Man everyday this week. I love his simple lyrics about rodeo life and lost loves. I'm not into country music. To me, his stuff is in another category. It's easy to listen to. Soothing to my soul, somehow. People are still shocked that he was married to Julia Roberts. I understand that he's not the most attractive guy around, but listening to him sing makes me wonder if that's how she fell for him.

If you were to wake up
And I were beside you
Would you gently smile
And whisper my name?

I like cream in my coffe
And I hate to be alone on Sunday
Nobody knows me like my baby
Nobody holds me like my baby

Shoot. If someone sang that way to me, I'd marry him.


Sarah said...

I love Lyle Lovett and I don't think Julia is such a hottie either...

Anonymous said...

I feel that way about johnny cash, like he is in his own category...

bekah said...

Julia is pretty until she does the open-mouth-laugh thing. Then I think you could put a canaloupe in her mouth. Sky, I love Johnny Cash too. He has a sad quality to his voice that gets me everytime.

Ellen said...

I like that one song, "Here I Am." He says something about a cheeseburger in it.