to buy or not to buy

I have a confession. I am in love the Baby Gap clothes. I can browse their store with no concept of time, thumbing through the adorable prints and soft items. I get squealy when I see the tiny cargo pockets on the boy things and the delicate feminine trim on the girl things. I have not purchased a lot of baby clothes yet. I have a 25% off voucher for the Baby Gap for this weekend. I'm ready to go buy the whole store! My question is, how much stuff does a newborn really need? How many onsies will I need each day? Any advice of experienced moms out there is welcome!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm no mother of a newborn, but from what everyone tells me is that they grow so fast you can't keep up with them when it comes to clothes. My suggestion - just use potato sacks till they're old enough to walk.

Just kidding... sorta.


skylarkyblue said...

Bek, all my friends with babies, (which is ALL my friends), say that you should buy lots of clothes for older babies and not so many for newborns. they never use all the clothes they recieve.

Anonymous said...

I went to a flea market in phoenix this weekend. They had plenty of baby clothes there. New clothes too, not used (pre-owned) stuff. I think she's probably right though. You'll probably get lots of goods for the newbie.